The propertyBetween Art and Paradise

Ortaglia is nestled in one of Tuscany’s most beautiful countrysides

Once a seventeenth century farmhouse, the now completely restored Tuscany villa faces the stunning village of Montepulciano, greeting Ortaglia’s guests each morning with a sunrise that captures the glow of the village’s garnet red rooftops. 

To the left of the village, visitors can clearly view the breathtaking dome of San Biagio, the church world renowned for its famous dome, and surrounding it, the iconic sunflowers of Tuscany.
And, of course, our vineyards and olive groves surround our bed and breakfast, which bring to our visitors the culinary delights of Italy, cultivated straight from our Tuscan soil.
Residing somewhere between art and paradise, Ortaglia provides the most unique of holidays B&B experiences in Tuscany to our guests. There is a reason why the ancient poets and artists of Europe and beyond flocked to this area to seek their inspiration. Come visit us and discover one of Italy’s most beautiful treasures for yourself.

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